Presenting Somatic Sex Education 101 at the Pink Therapy Conference 2018

On the 23rd March 2018, I attended Pink Therapy's sixth annual conference as a speaker. The conference was titled 'Sex Works!' and its content included:

  • informing psychotherapists about sex work statistics and debunking myths
  • presenting current European research on the lives of sex workers, from the voices of sex workers themselves
  • informing therapists about how they can better support sex workers who may be seeking psychotherapy (including challenging their own assumptions about sex work)
  • exploring somatic approaches to better understand modalities such as sexological bodywork, kink work, and sexual surrogacy and how these approaches may support psychotherapy clients with sexual concerns
  • supporting psychotherapy colleagues who have also trained in somatic approaches to working with sexuality

I delivered a talk titled 'Somatic Sex Education 101', to explain the basics of somatic sex education, and specifically sexological bodywork. It included the 'what', 'how', and 'why' of the modality and considered how sexological bodywork might be useful for some psychotherapy clients. There were plenty of questions and I was delighted to answer as many as I could within the time we had. After the session had ended, more people came up to me with further questions or comments. I met so many lovely people, skilled and passionate about delivering informed and client-centred therapy. There was a thirst for knowledge of somatic approaches and I felt very privileged to have been asked to speak on my subject.

I've had several requests for my slides, so I've posted them here.