Porn – and the shame I have gradually grown to feel around using it – is no longer the backbone of my experience of masturbation. Instead I’m now regularly practicing some of the techniques we’ve been working on together, and a few nights ago I felt a very vivid experience of orgasm filling the ‘larger vessel’ you have referred to. In very rudimentary terms, it’s better than porn. That’s pretty cool. When I do choose to make fantasy a part of masturbation, the fantasies themselves tend to be more mindful scenarios, in terms of the physical pleasure I’m experiencing and imparting. It feels as though a feedback loop has been reversed, and physical pleasure is becoming a meaningfully compassionate experience, both in the way I experience it and imagine sharing with others.
— Client feedback on mindful self-pleasure practice
Sharing tea

Sharing tea

What will a session involve?

A Sexological Bodywork session typically involves:

  • Tea ‘n’ talking

  • Body awareness exercises

  • Somatic practice, which may involve conscious one-way touch

  • Time for integration and savouring

  • Time for reflection and feedback

Body awareness exercises are for the purpose of becoming aware of how it feels to inhabit your body. With the busyness of life, most of us can relate to the experience of not feeling 'in our body', and it is common to e.g. put off going to the toilet, eat things we don't like in order to be polite, and ignore pain or discomfort out of embarrassment or to put another's needs first. Some examples of body awareness exercises are: conscious breath work, body scanning, placement of attention, five senses meditation, and mindful eating e.g. slowly and deliberately eating a small piece of fruit.

Somatic practice usually takes the form of bodywork, and is tailored to the learning intentions or goals of the client. Examples include pleasure mapping, touch to support the learning of conscious breath while in pleasure, and touch-supported practice in slowing down and noticing sensation. I also provide scar tissue remediation bodywork, especially for scars associated with hysterectomy, hernia surgery, anal surgery, Caesarean section, episiotomy and gender-affirming surgery.

Sexological bodyworkers practice within a clear ethical framework. Touch is one-directional** (practitioner to client) and the practitioner remains fully clothed. Nitrile gloves are used for intimate touch. I abide by the Code of Ethics of The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists.

I work comfortably with all genders and all bodies - men, women, cis, trans and non-binary, disabled and non-disabled. As a practitioner who is White, I take active steps in my personal and professional development to cultivate a practice that does not add to the oppression of People Of Colour.

I work with individuals and with people in relationships wishing to learn skills together.

**In addition to the sexological bodywork remit, I also teach Betty Martin's 'Wheel of Consent' using the ‘3-minute game’. In this case touch can be two-way, is clothed, and will not involve the sexual organs of either person.


Sexological Bodywork (London)

£250 per two-hour session (*see special package deal below for a 20% saving)

The first session will involve talking through the intake form that I will ask you to complete in advance, and will include clothes-on body awareness practices such as conscious breathing, modes of touch and consent practices, and 'waking up the hands'. This is an important foundation for receiving bodywork in subsequent sessions, and is part of an holistic approach to cultivating embodiment.

Sessions are held in a beautiful and calm space in south London SE1. There are exterior and interior steps, but if accessibility is a factor I am very happy to discuss accessible alternatives.

*A programme of work can bring profound and lasting benefit, whereas one or two sessions may just provide a glimpse of what's possible. So, I offer a package deal for 1-to-1 sessions – '5 sessions for the price of 4' when pre-purchased in full. That's a huge saving - each two-hour session works out at just £200!


Full payment is required to confirm a session once booked.

If a session is cancelled more than 48 hours in advance, payment will be returned in full. If a session is cancelled 24-48 hours in advance, a charge of 50% of the cost of the session will be incurred. Cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur the full cost of the session. Emergencies are exceptions.