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Sexological Bodywork does not have to reinforce the gender binary in a cisnormative way, as some conscious sexuality approaches may. In Sexological Bodywork, the focus is very much on erotic embodiment (experiencing being in the body, in the present moment) and personal exploration, whatever gender identity or genital configuration a person has. Pre-conceived notions about gender and meaning are not embedded in the modality and so that allows the freedom to craft with each client an approach that is individually relevant, affirming and meaningful.

Sexological Bodywork practices that can be supportive in transition, or in the process of living gender-variant and non-binary identities, include:

  • Somatic practice – to learn/re-learn to consciously inhabit the body, where there has been dysphoria or discomfort
  • Mapping – of the whole body, of sensation, of pleasure, especially after medical or surgical interventions that have caused changes to the lived experience of the body
  • Scar tissue remediation – fibrous scar tissue can be softened over time by touch techniques with organic castor oil and the use of castor oil packs
  • Hawaiian-style conscious touch – because it’s luscious and can feel integrating and nourishing!

I am queer and non-binary, and this lens shapes my work and my interest in utilising Sexological Bodywork practices to support other trans and non-binary people in deeper connection to their bodies and their erotic selves.

I offer a limited number of concessionary sessions for bodywork. If you do not have the means to pay full price but feel you would benefit from Sexological Bodywork, please do get in touch to discuss.

After all my many surgeries I felt that I needed to find a practitioner to help me build a new connection to my body. I really needed to learn more about my re-moulded flesh, and to heal heart to genital connections. The surgical processes had left me well-equipped, transformed, but scarred in many ways. The skilled, boundaried, therapeutic touch, the exploration with the exercises and the mappings, and the scar tissue healing all helped me to get to know and appreciate my post-surgical body. The breathing techniques brought me into the place where I could trust, learn from the practice, and let go, and with this release build new connections with my body. The discoveries were very pleasing, and on occasion whole body orgasmic and mind-blowing. We discovered that the exercises formulated for cisgender cocks worked as well on trans cock. This I found surprising and validating. I gained a greater physical and sensual self-knowledge, plus confidence and greater self-reliance. I would recommend Meredith’s SB work to other phalloplasty patients and to anyone seeking to explore or re-connect with themselves in a safe place.
— Client testimonial after a five-session programme following multiple surgeries